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Our experts guide you through your administrative and accounting operations as you set up or sell your business.

Choosing the right path when you launch your business

STREGO's specialists set up a plan for starting or taking over a company, based on a business and financial plan. If you are planning to take over a company, STREGO will carry out a contract audit so you can assess the financial risks. 

Finding the best way to set up your company? Choosing your legal status and the right legal structure for you? 
You benefit from the tools and services of your accountant, enabling you to maximise your business management operations. 

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Finding your sources of funding

STREGO helps you search for the necessary funding to complete your project. From studying the existing infrastructures to releasing funds, as well as putting together your funding application: we are by your side every step of the way. STREGO also assists you in choosing a suitable legal status and being aware of the conditions of your loan insurance.

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Controlling your production costs

The first few months of operations are crucial for the life of a company. That's why we monitor the evolution of your business in real time. We provide an objective perspective on the health of your company and its break-even level in order to improve control over your production costs.

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