Your STREGO expert advises you throughout the key moments that cement the future and longevity of your business.

Optimising your accounts

We help you to run your company calmly and effectively, from bookkepping to setting up your consolidated accounts. 

We adapt our accounting services to your needs and support you in your administrative tasks so you can optimize your organization.

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Identifying your growth drivers

Together, we define the key numbers for your company: dashboards, cost price, forecasts, etc. These indicators are the fundamental steering tools you need to run your business effectively. 

Work with your STREGO consultant to identify your growth drivers and implement solutions to reach your development goals. 

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Guaranteeing your employee management

We operate in all aspects of human ressource management: setting up an HR departement for your company, hiring, breaches of contract, etc. 

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to help optimise your payroll and personnel administration. Your STREGO social expert gives you the key to improving your employees working conditions without increasing your expenditure. 

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