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28 avenue du général de Gaulle 17410 Saint-Martin-de-Ré

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Your accounting expert in Saint-Martin-de-Ré

Located in the heart of the Île de Ré, STREGO Saint-Martin-de-Ré boasts close ties with the local tourism industry in addition to other sectors.

Since 1988, our team has worked to provide support to local businesses, including artisans, retailers, liberal professionals, SMEs and SMIs.

Today, we cater to 200 businesses, helping them run operations smoothly and efficiently.

Our NACRE-accredited office provides a full range of accounting services in addition to bespoke management tools to help you plan for your business’s key moments and facilitate operational and strategic decision-making.

Our tailored tools are key to seasonal businesses generating the bulk of their revenue over four or five months a year – the island’s population swells to 5 times its usual size over the summer months.

STREGO Saint-Martin-de-Ré’s team provides specialized services to ensure your unique needs are met, with an expert-led team providing our hospitality and catering services, accounting for local associations and construction companies.