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Your accounting expert in Vannes


STREGO Vannes opened in 2003 after taking over Cogex, which opened in 1969.

Today, STREGO Vannes provides daily support to 450 business leaders, from setting up a business to finalizing transfer operations.

Our team works with businesses of all sizes, working in a range of different sectors – very small businesses (retail, construction, artisan crafts, real estate development), liberal professionals, SMEs and SMIs working in the latest technologies and small-scale industry.

Our staff of 20, including 2 public accountants, is on hand to help, and we are also a member of:

  • the NACRE commitment committee,
  • the Chamber of Trades “Setting Up a Business” course,
  • the Chamber of Commerce and Industry new business and business transfer service, and our local public accounting association.

More specifically, our team offers:

– A Social Affairs and HR Department made up of 3 staff, managing 8,300 payslips annually

– A specific new business and business transfer service

– A network of trusted partners working in various specialized fields:financing, legal advice, sale and transfer operations, etc.

We manage a varied portfolio of clients, focusing strongly on electronics maintenance, construction, small supermarkets, animal nutrition research, real estate development – notably in France’s overseas territories – casinos, slot machines and temping agencies.

Fizen Expert: our handy time-saving accounting tool! Whether you’re starting your own business or involved in a business transfer, STREGO Vannes provides support through this reliable, high-performance tool requiring no user accounting expertise and with a personalized dashboard. Fizen enables you to check your balance monthly and keep up to speed with your business performance throughout the year.