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1 avenue de la Fosse aux Mâts 17303 Rochefort

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Your accounting expert in Rochefort

STREGO’s longest-running office in the department is located in Rochefort – our team provides daily support to 350 very small business, SME and SMI leaders, mainly in the construction and retail sectors. STREGO Rochefort is on hand to help with all of your business needs, with a team specializing in a number of different areas. Thanks to our ties with the Charente Maritime Construction and Public Works Federation (FFB 17), we provide a specific service for the construction industry, STREGO Construction. In addition, we also cater to businesses in a range of other industries, including real estate (development and sales), pharmacy and liberal professions (assisting doctors, nurses and lawyers).
As the local economy continues to develop in different directions, businesses must have access to experts in different fields to ensure they can thrive and grow. STREGO Rochefort is on hand every step of the way, from setup to takeovers, with services that go above and beyond public accounting. We work with trusted experts in the following fields, with monthly appointments available, tailored to your needs:
– Wealth management: appointment slots available once a month with experienced, independent experts
– Funding: appointments available with independent experts – STREGO is the only NACRE-accredited office in Poitou-Charentes and offers a new business and business transfer service
– Insurance contract auditing
In order to gain in-depth local market knowledge and ensure our clients have access to our networks, STREGO Rochefort is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Pays Rochefortais Business Club.