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Your accounting expert in Chartres

Since 1991, STREGO Chartres has remained in the offices that were originally chosen by the company that would become STREGO in 1986. With 30 staff, STREGO Chartres includes 4 partners, all public accountants and auditors, and one public accountant employee.

From setting up a business to sale and transfer operations, STREGO Chartres provides support to 550 business leaders every step of the way. STREGO Chartres’ accounting team manages very small businesses – mainly in the artisanal, trade and retail sectors – while also working with non-profit organisations, healthcare professionals and sales agents, in addition to SMEs in the automotive industry (such as dealerships) and farming machinery businesses. By choosing STREGO Chartres, you gain access to our team’s in-depth knowledge of a range of industries, in particular baking, craftsmanship, farming, insurance, construction, transportation and farming trailer manufacturing. 

At STREGO Chartres, your needs matter to us – that’s why we host regular information sessions on changes to tax legislation and other laws around, in particular, wealth management, tax matters, civil responsibility insurance for business leaders, and much more.

Thanks to our partners, STREGO Chartres is able to offer a wide range of services and advice of specific significance to businesses and business leaders: legal advice, fundraising, insurance consultancy : our expert is on hand one day per month, sales and transfer operations, new business and business transfer hub, auditing, payroll management