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44 rue Bernard Palissy Plaine des Vaux 37500 Chinon

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Your accounting expert in Chinon

Since 2011, STREGO Chinon has worked to provide daily support to 800 local very small businesses, SMEs and SMIs in all industries – from local associations, retail, craftsmanship and the liberal professions to farming. Whether it’s setting up a business or finalizing a transfer operation, our team of 25, including 3 qualified public accountants, provides the advice and support you need. STREGO’s network in Indres-et-Loire – with 5 branches in the area, including STREGO Tours – generates in-depth insight into the local economic fabric in addition to close ties with our local clients.

In order to meet your unique business needs, STREGO Chinon provides social management services, legal advice, and advice from our trusted, highly specialized partners on sale operations, fundraising and wealth management, to name but a few.

STREGO Chinon is also a parter of the Carnets Pro business club (a partner in the daily la Nouvelle Republique), and our public accountants are on the organizing team of free, monthly conferences open to all businesses, on all areas of running a business and the economy. We are also a member of ADEC (Chinon Business Association) and ITC (Tours and Chinon Initiative) networks, giving us an even deeper understanding of the local economic fabric.