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Your STREGO office in Bièvres

24 Route de Gisy Parc Burospace Bâtiment 91570 Bièvres

01 60 19 14 09

08:30-12:00, 13:30-18:00

Your accounting expert in Bièvres

The STREGO Bièvres team is made up of 25 employees, including 3 public accountants and one auditor. Our team works with 700 clients from a wide range of industries including construction, the liberal professions, artisans, retailers and SMEs.

At STREGO Bièvres, our public accountants are actively involved in local business networks. Regular information sessions are organised for local entrepreneurs on social protection and tax matters. 

STREGO’s expertise ties in closely with our network of wealth management and sales and transfer experts, in addition to brokerage and insurance guidance.

In an effort to gain in-depth insider knowledge into our clients’ unique needs, STREGO Bièvres’ public accountants are members of the Clamart and Bièvres Entrepreneurs Club as well as the Burospace Business Leaders Club.