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Your accounting expert in Beaufort-en-Anjou


Since 1990, STREGO Beaufort-en-Anjou – formerly based in Longue-Jumelles – has worked to provide daily support across the board to 250 local very small businesses, SMEs and SMIs, from setting up a business to sales and transfer operations.

STREGO Beaufort-en-Anjou caters mainly to artisans, retailers, liberal professionals and SMEs in both the farming and industrial sectors. We also offer specialized support across industries, with specific monitoring of liberal professionals and farming businesses by our public accountant, a team specializing in the automotive industry (garages, dealerships, etc.), and a team specializing in the liberal professions.

STREGO Beaufort-en-Anjou plays in active role in the local economy’s main institutions and business associations, giving our team in-depth insight into local issues. With a full range of public accounting services on offer, our team is available to help provide daily support to all local economic players.