Add value

You have succeeded as an entrepreneur and you now wish to successfully sell your company.

Determining your sales price

Transferring a company, retiring, developing a new project, researching external growth, etc. Whatever your goal, thanks to our contract audit service, auditing teams and STREGO specialists can determine a target price according to the real value of your company, market demands and your needs. 

Looking for a buyer is a delicate phase  when selling or transferring your company. You need to communicate about your company whilst ensuring the longevity of your business. We assist in your communication operations and any contact with potential buyers, whilst guaranteeing full confidentiality troughout your project. 

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Securing your transaction

Drafting acts is a compulsory step in setting up and running a company. We secure your transfer or sales operations by taking care of your different legal obligations. During the operation, we also take charge of drafting the documents required for your project to materialize. Several acts can be drafted ahead of time to lighten your tax burden.

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Preparing for the future

Planning ahead is crucial! Restructuring your assets, in addition to tax and legal restructuring prior to implementing your project, can allow you to improve the product you are selling. We advise you on how to enhance both your professional and personal assets and help you start a new life with total peace of mind.

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