Setting up, transferring and buying a business

Starting, transferring or buying a company and mergers and acquisitions are key moments for a business. To meet your needs, we have created tailored fully-confidential solutions for you to help you make the right choices.

Setting up a business

We support you in implementing your business plan and assist you throughout all creative or takeover steps.

Validate the feasibility of your project

Setting up financing, tax, social and legal consultancy

Making an informed decision

Buying a business

Do you have the soul of an entrepreneur? Are you contemplating buying a company?

Do you want to develop your business through external growth/mergers and acquisitions?

We provide a comprehensive assistance service that includes all the stakeholders and phases needed for a successful takeover.

Presenting and visiting potential companies

Financial diagnosis and approach

Negotiations and closing

Transferring a business

We work with you to define the right price for your company, should you decide to sell shares or the business itself, depending on the market. You also benefit from valuation tools and we guarantee the legal validity of the transaction. We work with you throughout the entire transfer process, including negotiations that we steer to defend your interests and ensure the longevity of your company.

Defining your cost price

Connecting you and negotiating with potential buyers

Drafting and signing sales contract