Accounting expertise

For STREGO, accounting is not just about numbers. It is about being by your side and advising you every step of the way as you develop your business, whilst taking into account the constraints relating to your field of business.

Accounting: balance sheets and forecasts

Do you want a rigorous, available partner located close by so you can move forward with peace of mind?

VSEs (craftspeople, traders), SMEs, associations, agricultural businesses and even auto-entrepreneurs, etc. Whatever the size and shape or your company, you have to keep financial accounts. This is the heart of our profession. We work with you to assist you with all accounting tasks so you can prepare your balance sheets and forecasts.

Accounts and auditing

Preparation of annual accounts

Tax returns and income statements

Fizen Expert

Are you a VSE of freelancer who wants to manage your own accounts, in a need of helping hand, when it comes to accounting?

Fizen Expert is the solution for monitoring your company when you have no particular knowledge of accounting. This tool gives you access to numerous indicators and other e-learning tools that are crucial to run your business effectively, such as an invoicing module and an expense account module.

Wasting your time on expense accounts every month? We suggest Fizengo Expert for expense accounts, the leading application to manage your business expenses. From restaurant bills to mileage, the application allows you to save and synchronize your expenses and receipts using a simple step-by-step procedure.


It is not enough to simply keep good accounts to guarantee your business development and longevity. We offer tried-and-tested tools for both your daily tasks and key moments for your business. Our long-term partnership provides you with the tools to anticipate and manage your company in the best possible way.

Dashboards, business plan, operations budget

Determining cost price

Business evaluation

Tax audit assistance

Have you received a request for information or are you being audited by the tax authorities? We offer technical assistance by preparing the items required and/or being physically present during auditing operations. We help you defend and safeguard your rights and ensure that your audit is carried out according to regulations.

Do you want to avoid additional fees while being audited by the tax authorities? We know that no one is immune from being audited and so we offer a plan where you can benefit for free from our services related to tax authority demands.

Comptes de campagne

STREGO vous accompagne dans le suivi du respect de vos obligations afin de vous garantir la validation et le remboursement des dépenses de campagne électorale. Nous vous apportons la sécurité et la mise en forme du compte de campagne afin d’éviter les erreurs susceptibles de conduire à un rejet des comptes de campagne.
Le mandataire financier est formé, au préalable, sur ses obligations et les points de vigilance à contrôler au cours de la campagne par notre équipe dédiée et spécialisée. Puis nous collectons et contrôlons les pièces justificatives afin de saisir le compte de campagne pour réaliser la mise en forme et le dépôt auprès de la Commission nationale des comptes de campagne et de financements politiques (CNCCFP). Au cours de ces différentes étapes nous travaillons en coordination continue avec la CNCCFP.